HLLD Debugging

HLLD Debugging

This week I was mostly working on debugging the HLLD solver I wrote for Cholla. I found a handful of bugs in the \( L/R \) and \( L^* / R^* \) states and both of those states appear to be bug free now; they’re passing all their tests anyway. The double star state still has bugs but preliminarily it looks like there are just bugs in a couple values so they will hopefully be easy to find next week.

Dual Energy

I ran into some issues due to not fully understanding how dual energy works. I believe I’ve resolved those issues. However, for now I’ve disabled dual energy by default in MHD builds and will return to it once I have the non-dual energy HLLD solver finished. Bryan et al. 2014 (the ENZO paper) has details on how and why dual energy is implemented.


  • Updated this website to Chirpy v5.0.1
  • Found a tool (gtest2html)to convert GoogleTest XML reports to HTML. It’s basic but is good enough for now
  • Minor updates to resume and CV

Original HLLD paper: Miyoshi & Kusano 2005

Blog post on the HLLD Algorithm: HLLD Algorithm

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