Finished MHD Debugging (Hopefully)

MHD Debugging

I’m pretty sure that MHD is finally debugged! I found a couple of bugs and typos in initial conditions in the shock tubes. There were typos in the papers I was referencing, the fixed initial conditions now agree with the plots in those papers and the actual values used in Athena++. The corrected initial conditions can be found in my MHD Riemann Problems post.

There were a couple of other bugs which can find detailed in PR #255. There are still some fully 3D tests to run but I’ve run five different MHD shock tubes in X, Y, Z, and both left and right orientations so I doubt there are any significant bugs remaining. I’ve also added system tests for those shock tubes and a test to reproduce the other bug I found.

Next week I’ll setup the fully 3D tests to verify correctness.

Configuration Function

MHD has a pretty limited set of compatibility with other Cholla options so I wrote a function to check that all the compile time and run time configuration options are correct and nothing conflicts. There’s also some general correctness checks and it’s designed to be easily extensible to other modules and make types. PR #256.

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