Advecting Field Loop

Angled Linear Waves

After a lot more work this week I discovered that my implementation of linear waves from the vector potential did not in fact pass with grid aligned or angled waves. Since this is not a required test, and will likely take a lot of work to debug the initial conditions with minimal benefit, I’ve decided to set it aside for now. The issue is definitely in the ICs not the code itself.

Advecting Field Loop

I added the initial conditions for an advection field loop as described in Gardiner & Stone 2008. After some work I’ve verified that the code is producing the correct result and now I just need to write the regression test for it, probably with a check that the magnetic pressure is conserved as it should be in this test.

This test did highlight some issues with the MHD I/O routines so I will sort that out next week.


I fixed Issue #266 with PR #269. It turns out the C code I removed a few weeks ago had unintended side effects that were required. I refactored the code to make it clearer what it was actually doing and added it to the appropriate C++ file so we still have no C code.

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