CPAW Test & Angled Linear Waves

Circularly Polarized Alfvên Wave Test (CPAW)

I finished the CPAW test. There were a few other bugs in the initial conditions but I got those sorted and cleaned up the code, wrote the tests, and submitted the PR (PR #261).

Angled Linear Waves

Since the method to add angled linear waves are almost exactly the same as the CPAW test I decided to add those as well. After some debugging of the initial conditions I got it to reproduce and pass all the grid aligned wave tests and all the angled test except the slow magnetosonic wave. That wave appears to have highlighted a bug that I’m working on solving and you can find more info on that here.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is mostly ready. I got pretty much all of the stuff on our end sorted out and now we’re just waiting for the CRC folks to sort out some last details. (PR #229)

Clang-tidy Check Enabling

During our hack session I was able to fix the warnings and enable 5 of the bugprone clang-tidy checks. See PR #267 for details.

  • bugprone-assignment-in-if-condition
  • bugprone-branch-clone
  • bugprone-integer-division
  • bugprone-string-integer-assignment
  • bugprone-macro-parentheses


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