Boundaries & Shock Tubes

MHD Boundary Conditions (BC)

I fixed several bugs in the MHD boundary conditions and so transmissive and periodic boundaries appear to be working now. This also allowed me to remove almost all the MHD specific code in the boundaries so the code is much simplier.

MHD Debugging

After the BC fixes the MHD Einfeldt Strong Rarefaction is working so I’ve moved on to shock tubes. The shock tubes I’ve been using (Brio & Wu, Dai & Woodward, and Ryu & Jones 4d) have very complex wave structures and are hard to visually interpret when looking for bugs. I found some simplier shock tubes and have started debugging with them. The tubes on question are Ryu & Jones 1A and 2A and are detailed here. RJ1A has revealed an issue in the Z magnetic field at the initial discontinuity but I haven’t found the root cause yet.


  • APS MAS Meeting + poster presentation
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