Cholla I/O

Cholla Initial Conditions (ICs)

I modified the Riemann, Constant, and Uniform initial condition functions to support MHD. They’re tested and appear to be working as expected. There was some trickyness since MHD with constrained transport requires an extra grid cell but overall it was reasonably smooth, if a bit time consuming.

Cholla I/O

I added MHD support for writing out the grid to HDF5 and ASCII files in the 1D, 2D, and 3D cases. Again, the extra cell that’s needed required some tricky modifications but Cholla now can setup and save MHD an MHD grid.


  • Fixed a bug in one of the HLLD double star state tests. It wasn’t lenient enough and was throwing false negatives
  • Read Farcy et al. 2022 Radiation-MagnetoHydrodynamics simulations of cosmic ray feedback in disc galaxies
  • Switched from Mendeley to Zotero for citation management since Mendeley was getting worse with every new update
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