MHD Sod Debugging & Clang Tools PR

MHD Sod Bug

The 4 rank MHD Sod test isn’t passing. I’ve been trying to figure out why and, after a lot of digging, it looks like there’s an issue in the HLLD solver near the boundaries. 32 time steps in some erroneous values show up near the x=0 boundary. I’m not sure why at this point but it’s definitely in the HLLD solver since when I replace it with the HLLC solver everything works fine.

Clang Tools

Now that all the code is in I ran formatting and rebased the clang tools PR. I ran into some issues merging the contents of PR #222. I think C-3PO is missing OpenMP in its install of LLVM 15 and there were some merge artifacts I need to deal with next week. Once those are done it should be ready to merge.


  • Updated this website to v5.4.0
  • MHD PR merged in. PR #220
  • Integrated clang-format and tidy into VSC
  • git hook to autoformat code
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