Preliminary MHD Integrator Merge

Clang Tools

I made some tweaks to the clang tools PR (#211) to get it ready. I removed the clang-tidy run on ROCm since it’s not working. If we figure out how to get it working I’ll add it back. I also figured out how to run clang-tidy on some subset of files and added documentation for running the clang tools.

Merging the MHD Integrator

I haven’t found all the bugs in the integrator yet but to avoid a million merge conflicts after we reformat all the code I got the MHD stuff I have ready to merge in. There were quite a few modifications I also made to clean up the code before the complex rebase. I reorganized all the MHD stuff so every major component has it’s own file and there’s a unified MHD namespace with sub-namespaces. I also used the new grid enums to index all the MHD stuff. The PR can be found here.


  • Finished my final project for classes
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