HLLD Sod Debugging & Finalize Clang Tools PR

Clang Tools

The clang tools PR (PR #211) has been merged! At the beginning of this week I rebased it for the other PRs that have been added and I wrote a script to help summarize the output of clang-tidy (tools/

HLLD Debugging

I think I’ve narrowed the issue with the Sod shock tube in MHD to the HLLD solver. The issues I’m seeing go away when I replace the HLLD solver with the HLLC solver as you can see in this plot.

sod heat map

The left four figures are heatmaps of the x=0 face of the density at time step 34 running with 1, 2, 4, and 1 MPI ranks respectively. The rightmost figure is the same time in the hydro simulation. You can see a clear pattern around the edge where the HLLD solver is generating different values than the rest o the slice when it shouldn’t. I haven’t found the issue yet but I’m working on it

Automated Testing

The Pitt CRC has finished their Jenkins setup so we met with them this week about getting it setup. I think it’s setup to run and I just need to get the Jenkinsfile working.

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