Cholla System Tests

System Testing in Cholla

My main project this week is writing a function to perform system tests in Cholla. I’m at the point where it can check if all the relevant files exist and asynchronously launch Cholla. The next step is to read in both the fiducial and test files. This requires learning how to use the HDF5 C++ API which I spent most of a day on.

Cholla Source Reorganization

Currently the src directory in Cholla has 102 files in it that aren’t sorted into subdirectories. Evan and I sorted them and then I spent half a day fixing all the #include statements. I was able to largely automate this and in the future any changes should be easy as all the included statements have a common format; details can be found in Cholla PR #85. I also stripped out all the trailing whitespace in the files withing src to avoid future conflicts with the Trailing Spaces VS Code extension(Cholla PR #86).


  • Cleaned up some extra extensions in VS Code and made sure all my extensions were consistent across hosts
  • Experimented with GitHub Copilot
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