Classwork and Miscellanea


This week I needed a break from debugging so I worked on a bunch of miscellaneous tasks that have been on the backburner for awhile; the university also had a 1 day break I also had some extra classwork so I worked on that.

Astronomical Techniques

Lectures mostly hypothesis testing. I also watched the recorded lectures on astronomical observing tools and techniques and the one on DESI data.

We started our term projects this week and had a long meeting about that Thursday to hammer out some details. I worked on laying some groundwork for that and learning about some of the tools we’ll need to use; setting up a git repo for the project and getting JupyterLab set up.


I took an afternoon to fix this website. GitHub updated the version of Ubuntu their servers use and it broke the GitHub actions that build this site. While the upstream repo did have a fix implemented unfortunately the author rewrote all their commits awhile ago so I couldn’t just make a quick pull request to update my site. Instead I had to set up my site entirely from scratch again. That took awhile, especially since the upstream repo has gotten some significant new feature since my last pull and integrating them with the changes I had made to the site wasn’t trivial. After awhile though I got it all working again and even changed how I was organizing posts so it should be easier for me to navigate and write posts.


  • Wrote the statement of purpose for an application
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