CT and First Committee Meeting

Astronomical Techniques

I’m starting a new class this spring; Astronimcal Techniques taught by Prof. Newman. This week was an introduction to python.

Committee Meeting

I had my first committee meeting this Wednesday so I spent the bulk of last week and first three days of this week prepping for it. It went well and was very helpful in providing future direction.

Constrained Transport (CT)

After a hiatus from CT to prepare for my committee meeting I got back into the thick of it Thursday. The biggest challenges are:

  1. I’m implementing a 3D algorithm in a 1D simulation. I’ve gotten around this by basically making ghost cells in 3D so my implementation should translate more directly into Cholla
  2. Indexing is a nightmare. Lots of non-integer indexing is requiring 5D arrays and figuring out the indexes is challenging. A big part of the issue is that to compute the EMF in one direction I need info from the other two directions. I’ve been getting around this with the modulo operator and some clever indexing but it’s still a headache.

I’m about a third of the way through the computations of the electric field and I have a firm plan for the last two thirds. Hopefully by my next update I will have it done.

Blog post on the VL+CT Algorithm: VL+CT Algorithm

Original VL+CT paper: Stone & Gardiner 2009

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