CT and Classes

Astronomical Techniques

A little more work in python and we started on the difference between the frequentist and Byesian interpretation of statistics.


I fixed a race condition I accidentally added to my dotfiles repo a few weeks ago. I had set them to start checking if the dotfiles repo was up to date first and running everything else in parallel with that but since my script for checking requires a newer version of Git that is not standard on some systems it would raise errors if run before the required version of git was added to the path. I reverted this change and will try to think of a better way of improving launch times.

Constrained Transport (CT)

I’ve finished writing the bulk of the new code for adding MHD to my simulation code. This week I modified the following sections of code for MHD:

  • Computing the edge averaged EMF
  • Slopes used in computing the CT EMF
  • Piecewise Constant Method
  • Piecewise Linear Method
  • The function that calls the Riemann solver
  • Conservative update

There are still some bits to clean up, mostly just changing arguments to older functions to account for the addition of MHD then I will be moving on to testing and debugging.


  • I attended the Pitt Center for Research Computing “Intro to the Cluster Workshop”
  • Fixed some issues I was having with VS Code’s default highlighting color being too difficult to see

Blog post on the VL+CT Algorithm: VL+CT Algorithm

Original VL+CT paper: Stone & Gardiner 2009

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.