System Test Pathing & Prep for Beta Release


  • Removed the old regression test
  • Integrated Googletest linking into the make host files

The main thing I did though was improve pathing on the system test function and finalize the beta version of testing. The system test function now takes no arguments and determines all the paths it needs from the test name and some command line arguments, this did require writing a main function for the tests. It also now stores all the output into a directory in cholla/bin with the same name as the test. Without std::filesystem in C++17 this is somewhat annoying but is doable. I wrote a simple script in cholla/builds/scripts/ to build and run tests across different systems. After that I tested everything thouroughly on Spock and Summit then wrote a bunch of doxygen documentation. Currently my testing branch is properly squashed down to a single commit and ready for a PR once I finish the documentation that will go in the Cholla wiki.


  • Updated website and started using the new gemfile for the theme to facilitate easier updates in the future
  • Ran a spell checker on Cholla and fixed errors in comments (Cholla PR #88)
  • Updated the old Cholla Makefiles repo to use as a place to store my VS Code settings directory for Cholla. Now it’s the editor-settings-cholla repo.
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