Testing Prototype

Testing Frameworks & Continuous Integration

This week I settled on learning and using GoogleTest since it has death tests and is threadsafe and then I started implementing it in my hydro-sandbox code. I’ve got some basic unit tests and system tests running that are testing for equality, exceptions, etc. The system test even runs the hydro code asynchronously with std::async while it’s loading the fiducial data to save time. All current work is in the testing-prototype branch though that will be merged into main eventually.

I spent a lot of time reading up on testing strategies and started writing this gist as a place to put testing knowledge and act as a prototype for the documention I’ll have to write on Cholla’s testing system eventually. I found this blog post (Comparing Floating Point Numbers) to be especially interesting and there’s an entire series on floating point numbers written by the same person. I highly recommend it.

I spent some time trying to get gcov and lcov working to show code coverage but I ran into some difficulties getting it to give me useful results. I’ll work on that more.

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