Code Style & Angled Linear Waves

Code Style in Cholla

We spent quite a bit of time this week discussing what format and naming scheme we want to adopt for Cholla. This is part of our broader effort to adopt more scientific software best practices. The naming scheme we will enforce with clang-tidy and the format with clang-format.

MHD Linear Waves

The slow magnetosonic waves are now passing! There was a typo in the eigenvectors for it but now all four linear waves are passing in the \( x \)-direction.

I updated the linear wave eigenvectors to use the simplier ones from Gardiner & Stone 2008.

I generalized the linear wave initial conditions to any ange. Currently the waves are not passing in the non \( x \)-direction. This is in part due to a bug in the rotated initial conditions that I haven’t sorted out yet. I think there’s also a bug in the boundary conditions but I’m not positive.

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