It’s been awhile since I’ve updated here. Since my last update I had a significant surgery, went to US-RSE’23, and presented the 2023 JSI Workshop on Winds. So let’s talk about what I did this week


I gave a talk at the 2023 JSI Workshop on Winds Across the Universe, you can find the talk here. Overall it was a good conference and my talk was well received.

US-RSE’23 was very good. Lots of great info, talks, and job opportunities. It was awesome to be at the first RSE conference in the US.

This Week

  • Update resume and CV
  • Gave a talk on scientific software best practices at Astrosnacks
  • Updated some of the plots in my MHD paper
  • Looked for high resolution MHD simulations. I didn’t find anything even close the the resolution that we can run, in most cases we have higher resolution than even the highest effective AMR resolution
  • Group hack session
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