MPI System Tests

MPI System Tests

This week I added support for MPI system tests. The SystemTestRunner class now can read in an arbitrary number of HDF5 files from Cholla, concatenated one dataset at a time, and compare it to the fiducial results. This was mostly a lot of indexing to get everything lined up right. Currently particles aren’t supported since the disk make type doesn’t build, it should be easy to add them later. I also added the ability in system tests to turn off the comparisons or the running of Cholla. This is for tests with a large number of MPI ranks where you might want to run Cholla in one job then do the comparisons in another job.

Merging Into Cholla

I worked through testing Cholla on each system we use, found a bug in cholla, and fixed a few issues with how the test were running on Summit. After I got everything working I updated the documentation, submitted a PR, updated the main Cholla wiki with testing info, checked all the links in the wiki, setup the GitHub Actions workflow and branch protection.


  • The default way of running the tests through now generates XML reports
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