Profiling & Paper Writing

Cholla Profiling

I wanted to start profiling Cholla so I got HPCToolkit and Omniperf running with Cholla. HPCToolkit showed which kernels are eating up time and Omniperf should help me optimize those kernels. I’ve not been able to get the GUI working for Omniperf though; the documentation is confusing and not quite complete. I’ll work on that more next week with help from the OLCF.

To make sure the group knows how to run these things and have a knowledge base for it I started a GitHub discussion on the topic here.

MHD Paper

I finished the Orszag-Tang vortex plot and the circularly polarized Alfvén wave convergence plots. In addition I refactored the plotting scripts to share a lot more functions. They’re much simplier now and it’s faster to write new plotting scripts.


Remove unused code and fix some issues setting the prompt properly. The prompt was set in a different places for each machine and several of them had small bugs. Now you set the colors you want and that is plugged into a single place where PS1 is set.


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